Friday, February 26, 2010

And what's going on with you?

I am knitting. Not a lot, but some. I finished the laptop condom last week. It is nearly perfectly sized after two felting washes:

Snowcone pre-felting

I haven't decided on whether I'm going to add a button, or some other closure device.

And though I feel the nascent pull of spring cleaning my knitting WIPS, I was compelled to cast on the new Madtosh I purchased in the lighter of the two shades of Cove:

Long Beach Scarf

The colors remind me of my hometown, Long Beach, NY. I don't usually look back fondly on Long Beach, as the dense congestion of it's streets is a poison to my constitution. But these colors? Herein lay the colors of the wet sand, the multifaceted Atlantic Ocean, and the earthy hues of the life-supporting jetties.

I loved playing on the jetties. Alone. Jumping from one boulder to the next, challenging my agility while imbibing freedom with each gulp of the salty air. Or I could crawl along the beach floor and look at the myriad life forms that called the jetty home. Would I talk to the starfish and mollusks? Probably. If not out loud, surely in my mind.

I was always frustrated by the return of the summer season and the lifeguards whose job was to keep me off the jetties. The resentment at their restrictions comes back to me, almost full force, after 30 years distance. I must have been an obnoxiously entitled kid if this still has the power to irritate me.

But I did really love those jetties...

I still do love those jetties.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I will gladly pay you tuesday for some sundara sport today...

My mind is all over the place these days. One minute there's some funneh, the next there's national socialism. These are the daemons I can't control. And I have to remind myself I am not responsible for them or the repercussions of their crazeh.

But then there are the daemons I can control:

Time Travels - sundara worsted

sundara dk
Sundara Sport in LE color Time Travels

Glacier - Sundara merino sport
Sundara Sport in Glacier

Madtosh DK Cove

Madtosh DK Cove
Two different intensities of Madtosh Sport in Cove

Madtosh DK
Madtosh Sport in Violin

There are as many opinions about stash as there are people. I have, in fact, two paradoxical opinions. The first opinion is that "one should only have the yarn one needs to knit now." The second opinion is "Pretty! Wowza! Pretty! I wanna, I wanna, here's my money give give give it to me now! NOW!"

The latter opinion has been the dominant one at chez yarn for over almost two years. I now have no more room for yarn. Or should I say, I don't want to make anymore room for yarn. The amount I have is obscene. It's vulgar to have so much yarn. It goes against my inner puritan or the unspoken rules of my Yiddish youth. Take your pick. There's just too much yarn.

And there's even more on the web. Pretty colors everywhere all yours for the handy price of blahdiddeblahblahbleh. I don't need more yarn. Yes it's pretty, so take a picture. Don't buy the skein. Or five. Just don't.

Now all that is well and fine to have clinking around your brain, but it's exhausting. I'm exhausted. And after buying eight skeins of the lovely Madtosh sport, captioned above, from Kaleidoscope Yarns I found a solution to my yarn battle: Bagged yarn.

I already eat a bagged lunch, sans bag. Why not pack a yarn cocktail, as well?


For about a week now, I bring three fresh skeins of complimentary (to me) colors and place them prominently on my desk at work. A yarn salve. Weeeeeeeeee!

Today's cocktail:

1. Pfingstrose, 2. Ball and Skein Wetherfield, 3. Bronzed Forest Sock

It's foolish to call something a success after a week, but I feel the magic of it working and I want to shout it from the bell tower.

I think one of the problems for me, as a pet owner and being naturally fastidious, I am compelled to tuck my yarn away in a plastic bag, in a bin, in a closet. As soon as the yarn is photographed, catalogued, and secured safely away from the world, the emotional connection to it that drove me to purchase it in the first place decays.

Needing that connection, I find myself trolling yarn stores on the web. It only takes a heartbeat from viewing yarn to typing in my name and credit card number to own the yarn. And that is what I have been doing, especially with Sundara becoming so much more available over the past six months.

For beasts, it is music that is said to soothe. For me? It is yarn. Now when I'm frustrated or I just need a mental palate freshener, I look to my yarn cocktail and well, I am rejuvenated.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life's carriage...

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The Carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality. ~ Emily Dickinson

This is the thought that came to me as I opened the "new post" window. My muse speaks and I never understand her. 'S okay. I'm used to it.

Escape to Russet Moon Mountain socks

I am growing more and more devoted each day to giving her free reign. Or, should I say, my capacity for indulging her is growing each and every day? Some days she takes on mythic proportions. Other days? Notsomuch.

There was a bit of a lull in knitting at chez yarn. 'S okay, too. I'm listening to my inner knitter agitate over the fact I haven't had an FO in forever and I've cast on a new project. She can suck an egg. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Wow, there's a tone change.

Escape to Russet Moon Mountain socks

This project, another pair of Waving Lace socks with Sundara sock yarn, has been given the frothy name "Escape to Russet Moon Mountain." (If you're into Twilight snark, take a gander at Russet Moon on Fandom Wank. This is some of the stuff that sustained me when it got really dark last year.)

Something extraordinary has happened, which is absolutely ordinary for everyone else. Lady M has gotten herself her very first laptop. Oh yeah, welcome to 2010. Laptops, the wave of the future. I'm a real intrepid sort, aren't I?

I know everyone stopped being excited over laptops 15 years ago, but I never knew how happy it would make me to have my very own computer all to myself. Aside from the growing pains of learning Windows 7, it's is just fantabulous to have my own electronic space.

And yes, I'm haughty enough to be taking comfort in the fact that the tortoise wins the race. No modesty at chez yarn this bright and shining morn. Sasha Fierce is in 'da house.

So the new project? A laptop condom in this lovely shade of cloud blue.

cascade soft spun

I'm winging it. Again. Knitting with two strands of this Cascade Soft Spun on size 10 1/2 needles, I used Judy's magic cast on and cast on 110 stitches, 55 on each needle. I knit even one row, then made one increase on each needle end every other row, twice, for a total of 57 stitches on each needle, 114 total.

I introduced a pair of simple cables on each end, which tightened the project up some. I also intend on felting the FO. I'm about 1/4 of the way in.


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