Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Kingdom for Some Socks...

My ability to ignore the obvious is monumental sometimes. The irony in my last post about keeping things in moderation, while showcasing two large gift projects cast on in the same week, took days to grasp. Not the brightest bulb on the tree, I am.

But moving right along, harnessing the willpower to clean out my knitting basket last month has finally borne its fruit. One of the projects I completed as part of this undertaking is a pair of cable rib socks in one of my most coveted colorways, Lorna Lace's Gold Hill (details ravelled).

Gold Hill Cable Rib Socks

Started as an easy Xmas travel project, on December 22, they lingered and lingered and then lingered some more on their needles. Almost two months passed before they were complete and when they were done, I questioned if I hadn't seen the last of any sock knitting for the forseable future.

Gold Hill Cable Rib Socks

(I was pretty disappointed by this yarn. In more than one location I found what I believe are clumps of white nylon.)

Gold Hill Cable Rib Socks

The ennui surrounding the project was the result of some free range dissatisfaction. It wasn't the projects fault, but it was over a week before I cast on another sock. Not a long stretch for many, probably, but for me it seemed like eons, but I think it felt like that because I knit very little on it for a week.

Well, this second pair of socks, my Woodland Embossed Leaves (details ravelled), were completed last night, and I can say with some authority that my sock mojo is back.

Woodland Embossed Leaves Socks

Woodland Embossed Leaves Socks

Within the hour I had decided on my next sock, the third pattern from Favorite Socks to find its way onto my needles, Nancy Bush's Waving Lace Socks (rav link).

Marina Waves Socks

I cast these on this morning and have made it through the first half of the second chart. The picture below was taken earlier today.

I adore this edging. Its delicate femininity caught my fancy the moment I first set eyes on the book.

Marina Waves Socks

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selfish knitting? Not what it's cracked up to be...

My mind's been laid up for a few weeks. Two days after my last post I succumbed to a full week with the flu (again!). This time it ended with a nasty mental diversion à la The Yellow Wallpaper.

The idea of conversing with the world, even in the one-way medium of a blog, was anathema. Knitting was rare. Yet, my return to knitting was hindered not just by depression, I think, but a lack of motivation. It wasn't until I realized I should get cracking on some baby knits for a little bun in the oven of my husband's best friend's wife, that I was inspired to cast on and cast on with a vengeance. And so the daily knitting routine reasserted itself to much personal glee.

In retrospect, my exclamation a few weeks back about streamlining my gift knitting was short-sighted. The bad choices I made in allowing the gift knitting to take over last fall was reinterpreted falsely. I am propelled, as a knitter, by gift knitting. Giving it up dried up my motivation to knit for myself. I just need to keep things in moderation. Moderation is always where I fail. But knowing the accurate source of the problem means I can combat it better when it crops up again.

Which it might because my new projects are three. But before starting in on them, I want to note that I still have one pre 2009 project left, my Log Cabin Afghan:

Log Cabin Afghan

It's getting there slowly but surely, but there's only so much garter stitch this knitter can take. I had a good run with it in February, but then I hit a saturation point. Afghan's have never been do or die knitting for me, whereas a sock or a sweater on the needles for seven months would be eating away at me. It's best this project remains in time out for a while.

So, when I finally allowed myself to cast on something new, something for myself, I was at a dead end. After failing to get something cast on with my Wollmeise stash, it took very little to be inspired by one of the gorgeous sock yarns I picked at the end of my January yarn binge. This is Woolen Rabbit's Harmony Sock in the Waterloo colorway.

Woolen Rabbit "Waterloo"

I think it makes the perfect Embossed Leaf Sock!

Embossed Leaf Sock

At two weeks I only had 3/4 of sock to show for myself. Contrast that yardage to the past week and a half. I finished the first sock, knit 1/3 of the second leg, and made inroads on two new projects.

Using the excessive leftover Dalegarn Baby Ull I've had in my stash from the Yellow Toot project last year, I'm attempting my second EZ EPS inspired raglan bottom up sweater. I'm reusing the fair isle ribbon motifs from Yellow Toot, but taking inspiration from the color blocking of the Dream in Color Tulip Sweater.

Jellied Beans

I have high hopes for this project. But if it fails, I have a fallback with my second project, the Serenity baby blanket (rav link) which I am knitting in DIC Classy in the Chinatown Apple colorway.

Leaf on the Wind

This colorway is a lovely dusty brick red with olive and tan overtones. It is surprisingly similar to Gold Hill colorway of the cable rib socks I finished up last month.

Well, I think it is time for me to move on for the day. The unblogged FOs are piling up. I think I'll touch on those next.


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