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Yelllloooooooooooooo! (or what I have been doing all month Part 1)

Madelinetosh sock in Ivy
My Dad says yello instead of hello sometimes. He's a country ham that way. Sometimes I totally take after him.

So. blogging. Not such a good idea.*

Pfshawww! Blogging is a great idea! It just is so much work to organize all the knitting crap that goes on inside my head AND take and edit pictures in a timely fashion to enunciate said knitting crap. I want to catalog my progressions. I'm a knitter and a narcissist. What else could I possible want to do but consider my ideas and actions ad nauseaum? Absolutely, or almost absolutely, nothing!**

So where was I? Last time I was talking about another stranded sock pattern I began and how I needed to try out a provisional cast on heel. Well I did just that on May 1 (according to my rav notes).


I think I can improve upon this, this which is my first attempt and 100% allowable to be crap on a stick. But improve upon it is not something I have felt like doing over the pa…