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Fun Fur?!?!?

Did I scare you away?

Never in a zillion quadrillion years would I ever expect to knit with fun fur . Three or four years ago, when scarves made of this stuff were all the rage, I knit a scarf on request from my MIL. As soon as this project was done I threw the scraps out and never looked back. Novelty yarns have never been a draw for me.

You know how saying "never" never works out for me? (As in I'm now on my second triangular shawl after saying never again?) Well, last winter one of my favorite bloggers, Maryse of bag 'n' trash/monster yarn, designed a cute little fun fur xmas tree and I fell in love. Kitschy yarn and kitschy Christmas decor; it's like two wrongs making the most perfect right.

I didn't find the exact color Maryse used, but I'm not too concerned. If it comes out horrific, I'll just break down and find the exact green Maryse used online. I hope to start this project in the upcoming week, when I need a break from my current…

Blue Ribbon Evening!

My one hope of yesterday came true. The hubster and I were high up on the ferris wheel at the Topsfield Fair (our county fair) at dusk.

Romantic is not a word that readily comes to someone's mind when they think of me. Pragmatic or sentimental, surely, but romantic, never. In fact I think I am one of the few Jane Austen fans that read her books for the social commentary rather than the romantic denouement. So I did surprise myself when I thought a sunset ride on the ferris wheel for the day after our 9th wedding anniversary last night would be perfect.

It was. Especially after we took a moment to check out how the judging went for my Digitessa socks. (Please ignore where I crudely photoshopped my real name)

If you can imagine it, I totally did a little happy-happy dance right then and there. There is still a 10 year old girl inside this jaded, middle aged knitter. It was nice to spend some time with her again.