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I went to NH and all I got was this lousy...

I went to NH and all I got was a pile of yarn. Life's tough, eh?

There may have been a lot going on at the Knit & Crochet conference, held this weekend in Manchester, NH, but I was there for the fiber, and the fiber at Maple Creek Farms booth, in particular.

As soon as they opened the doors, I made a beeline to the Maple Creek booth with the sincerest hope of getting some more of their merino/cotton blend yarn, which, as I have mentioned at least eleventy billion times, is absolutely scrumptious.

I learned immediately, in talking with the dyer directly, her supplier isn't making the 60% merino, 40% pima cotton anymore. I gushed so much disappointment she must have thought me a little touched with the crazy.

I didn't walk away empty handed, though. I purchased two skeins of the same colorway as my scarf, PA fall, in a worsted/bulky merino, and two skeins of the merino/cotton in a pale red colorway.

This vendor's yarn bases, for both of the yarns I purchased, are phenomen…


After the house cleaning my yarn and knitting underwent this weekend, I think I may have summitted the malaise. (Am I tempting fate by even writing this?)

One thing is for sure, Nell made a great point in the comments: "Isn't it amazing how knitting can take you from feeling like a genius to an idiot in a few stitches?" I'm used to feeling like an idiot, therefore this aspect of knitting fits like a favorite pair of old boots. Having something in one's life akin to conquering if your own Mt. Everest, your own Mt. Washington, well, that is fascinating and invigorating. So yes, Nell, it is immoderately amazing.

As I had hoped for, I finished my Sunshine and Shadows Shawl (not a triangle!) this weekend. Once I had blocked it out I stood back in awe. It was magic, this beautiful garment, magic. Somehow, this frumpy old hag (me) took two sticks and some string and made this:

Am I straining under a pile hyperbole? Well, maybe just a smidge. When you feel so dark for so lo…

High Maintenance...

I've been trying to put my finger on the source of the all-encompassing malaise that settled into my life this past spring. It is like a hundred pound albatross. I'm not depressed or even a tad dysphoric. I'm just tired.

In an email exchange with fellow knit blogger, Kristin, a phrase came to mind that encapsulates what I'm feeling: high maintenance. Every single activity I engage in, whether it's as banal as tooth brushing, or as fun as reading, anything other than malingering, just seems to be experienced as high maintenance.

Once I could define what I feel, my spirits lifted a bit. Sounds strange, but it's true. Once I understand what I'm up against my natural drive to adapt kicked in and one of the first things I found the energy to tackle was my Sunshine and Shadows Shawl...errrr triangle.

A week and a half ago I spent a solid half an hour struggling with the beginning of the final lace pattern, redoing the first 20 stitches or so who knows how many tim…

That inner voice

My inner voice hasn't been that interested in blogging lately. Part of it is the heat, part of it is that my inner voice has been busy thinking about the types of things that get in the way of knitting and blogging.

It's also been wondering if I really feel like sharing myself with the world anymore. Has my exhibitionism run its course? The answer is that I'm not sure since for ten days the answer seemed to be yes. Yet that is obviously contradicted with the most decidedly no of today.

Eleven days ago I finished my Apple Lace Scarf.

It was the best pick up and go project I think I've had to date. The pattern was easy to remember, so I could take it everywhere and anywhere (including nowhere, AKA my couch) but varying enough to keep me excited about picking it up.

Once done I couldn't stop my self from indulging in an little excessiveness; I tried out the blocking pins I purchased a few months ago

A steam iron would have been just as effective, but far less fun.


This or That

OMG I just lost my whole post and my heart is broken. I really had a lot to say about reading, and grammar, and audibooks, and omg...

I just have to walk away and pretend this didn't happen.

I even have an FO and some minor milestones in spinning.

I will leave all the post labels as testament to what this post once was. May she rest in peace.

Happy Sunday blogland...