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Trust and Faith

Sweater pattern knitting is all about Trust and Faith. These are two things of which I am in constant want. Yet I am driven to knit sweaters. Driven, as in obsessively thinking about this and only this when I should be doing any number of things adults need to do to make money and keep a roof over their heads.

(Deep breath taken; slowly exhaled.)

My first two sweaters were disastrous affairs due to my poor choice of materials. They fit physically, but they weren't fit for public consumption. The third sweater was a success and saw many years of useful service until recent evolutions in color fashion have given it a dated appearance. My fourth sweater, though, is a minor masterpiece to me.

No, I had no clue on how to measure yarn gauge, so it does not fit my husband perfectly. And, no, I had no clue how to adjust the cable patterns to account for the shoulder decreases, so the cables on the shoulder look a bit odd in places. But, but, but, I designed the Aran panel myself and…


I have been musing over two things lately: My sock yarn appetite and my sock production. I'm a little bit amazed that I've knit 11 socks this calendar year.
1. mosaicfiller, 2. Town Meeting Socks mistake heel, 3. Sarah's Socks, 4. Embossed Leaf Sock, 5. Dad's 70th Socks, 6. Herbed Carrots, 7. Digitessa Too, 8. La Digitessa Socks, 9. Blue Wavering, 10. Christmas Balls Socks, 11. Cornucopia, 12. Seal Rock Socks
What do I see when I reflect back on all these socks? Memory is a funny thing, and the thoughts and feelings associated with each of these socks are no exception.

#12 Seal Rock Socks: I remember navigating the airport on my Christmas trip to Arizona with sock in hand. I remember a full, dull ache of homesickness while riding in the car on the way home after watching Sweeney Todd with my sister and her family.

#11 Cornucopia: I remember all the doubts I had on whether my Aunty Patty would love the colorway as much as I did. I also remember the crunch of ice und…