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Knitting right along...

The madness of loss is passing.  And it's a great relief.  Touchstones of this new era are two.  A few weeks back we finally got some kitties back in our lives.  It's been four months since we lost our last one and finally being able to love someone and take care of them is a wonderful feeling.  It's a feeling of living, rather than just existing.

Fred (left), Seymour (right)

Seymour foreground, Atreyu background

Fred and Seymour are siblings.  They weighed a little over a pound at their first vet visit.  Two weeks later and their legs seem to be growing faster than anything else. 

The emptiness of life without a father is more overwhelming than I had the capacity to imagine.  I haven't yet wrapped my head around the expansive void.   Not having cats simultaneously was nearly unbearable.   I'm glad that time is over.

A lot less unbearable was the lull in knitting.   I did keep knitting and I kept it very simple.  The grieving projects are past and not so interestin…