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Year in Review

1. Mill End Socks, 2. Meaghan's Socks, 3. Seraphim Shawl, 4. Town Meeting Socks mistake heel, 5. Sarah's Socks, 6. Entrelac Scarf, 7. Shetland Triangle in the wild, 8. Embossed Leaves Socks, 9. Leaf Mitts, 10. Wide Leaf Scarf, 11. Wide Leaf Hat, 12. Apple Lace Scarf, 13. Dad's 70th Socks, 14. Herbed Carrots, 15. Digitessa Too, 16. Mobeius, 17. Blueberry Moon, I love this p2k1 ribbing!, 18. La Digitessa Socks, 19. Blue Wavering, 20. Electric Mitts, 21. Lime & Blue Cabled Hat, 22. Christmas Balls Socks, 23. LMKG Chevron Scarf, 24. EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket, 25. Baby Cakes Raglan, 26. Project Stole and Frizzy Hair. Woot!, 27. Cornucopia Socks, 28. Seal Rock Socks
29 FO's

13 Socks
4 Scarves
3 Shawls
2 Mitts
2 Baby Sweaters
2 Hats
1 Adult Sweater
1 Stole
1 Cowl

Conclusion #1: More socks for me this year. Seriously. I gotta be more selfish about this.

Conclusion #2: Relearning that I should never say never. One year ago, if someone would have shown me this FO list, my fa…

Knitting freedom

The Shetland Shawl/hat/mitt project ended on as onerous note as all my other scarf/hat/mitt projects. Which is too bad, but easily, and happily, forgotten.

Now that it's done I feel like I can breathe easier. Not only am I enjoying wearing these every_single_day (fangul you -6 degrees!) I can get to that gift project I started back in November, but had to put aside to complete my Christmas knitting in time.

It's the lace scarf knit up in a lovely cocoa colored Bristol Valley Yarns. My new camera captures the color of the yarn beautifully.

It's 80% Alpaca/20% Silk and splitty as all get out, but I think I'm finally finding my rhythm. I nearly doubled its size this week. (Photo below was before.)

Speaking of my camera, I finally had a chance to take pictures with it outside and I had a rude awakening. All that success I've had with indoor photos is the extent of my knowledge with the camera. This puppy must be reprogrammed for outdoor light and, well, uh, I just ha…

Obsession, compulsion, ye name is yarn

I have been buying yarn, and then more yarn, then more yarn, and then, for good measure, even more yarn. I need to fess up. Maybe if I put my shame out for all to see I'll be able to control myself?

But seriously. Why should I fess up? Why should I feel guilty? As long as this is free cash I shouldn't. The reason I do is because I feel out of control and that is breaking rule #1 at chez yarn.

Control is everything. Isn't it?

In November, a month or so after the US economy began it's trip to hell in a red, white, and blue hand basket, I stashed 32 skeins of yarn:

1. Knitpicks Felici, 2. Claudia Hand Painted, 3. Bristol Yarn Gallery, 4. Sheepaints lace, 5. Wollmeise Indisch Rot, 6. Wollmeise Suzanne, 7. Hangefaerbt extra fein, 8. Hangefaerbt extra fein, 9. Hangefaerbt fein, 10. Wollmeise Kurbis, 11. Wollmeise Miss May, 12. Knit Picks felici, 13. Queensland Katmandu Aran Tweed, 14. Cherry Tree Hill supersock, 15. DIC Strange Harvest, 16. DIC Butter Peeps, 17. Yarn…

Selfish Knitting

Nothing makes this knitter more self satisfying than a month or so of gift knitting. As soon as I was done with the last of my Christmas knitting I went hog wild with the casting on.

Over Thanksgiving I purchased six skeins of Queensland Collection Aran tweed at a "new to me" LYS, Knits and Bolts of New Haven, Vermont. The color card says pale pink (#141), but a better name would be pink granite.

These were purchased with a project in mind, another scarf, hat, and fingerless mitten set. (I'm still catching up with the coat purchases I made this year and at the end of last winter.)

My preference is for a lace scarf and after a couple of weeks of indecision, I realized the Shetland Triangle would be the perfect pattern. First, the pattern is so addicting and easy to knit. Second, I've taken to wearing both of my smaller shawls, the Sunshine and Shadows and the Shetland Triangle, wrapped around my neck, rather than my shoulders (scarf style, rather than wrap style).…

Brain Malfunction

The knitting and spinning has been slowed by health, work, and the demands of the holiday season. Washing the yarn I plied the week after Thanksgiving was on the todo list the day I first woke up sick as a dog, December 12.

And todo it, I did.

Not being right in the head has to be the reason I thought it was a very good idea to put all my newly plied handspun into the washing machine with a hat and scarf.

(The second picture is one of the first I took with the new camera.)

If I hadn't been preoccupied with wallowing in vat of self pity the size of a small island nation over being sick, I would have been crying myself a river, and then a sea, and then an ocean over the perceived ruination of all my hard work.

The delayed hysteria gave me enough time to recall that when it comes to untangling things I have a freakish amount of patience.

I originally wrote this around 12/18/08.