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Obsession, compulsion, ye name is yarn

I have been buying yarn, and then more yarn, then more yarn, and then, for good measure, even more yarn. I need to fess up. Maybe if I put my shame out for all to see I'll be able to control myself?

But seriously. Why should I fess up? Why should I feel guilty? As long as this is free cash I shouldn't. The reason I do is because I feel out of control and that is breaking rule #1 at chez yarn.

Control is everything. Isn't it?

In November, a month or so after the US economy began it's trip to hell in a red, white, and blue hand basket, I stashed 32 skeins of yarn:


1. Knitpicks Felici, 2. Claudia Hand Painted, 3. Bristol Yarn Gallery, 4. Sheepaints lace, 5. Wollmeise Indisch Rot, 6. Wollmeise Suzanne, 7. Hangefaerbt extra fein, 8. Hangefaerbt extra fein, 9. Hangefaerbt fein, 10. Wollmeise Kurbis, 11. Wollmeise Miss May, 12. Knit Picks felici, 13. Queensland Katmandu Aran Tweed, 14. Cherry Tree Hill supersock, 15. DIC Strange Harvest, 16. DIC Butter Peeps, 17. Yarntini Hope, 18. Butterfly Yarns hand paint, 19. Sheepaints Sock 'n Go, 20. Scout's Swag

January's tally is mounting.

I have never fully comprehended why when things are stable, I'm all parsimony and level headedness. Yet, as soon as things get a little hairy, like that time I up and quit my job in 1997, or these past three months where my different retirement accounts lost between 25 to 65%, I go all spendy up the whazoo. Normal people do the opposite.

And before anyone thinks the bank is coming for our house, this spending freak show only affects my savings. Our household money is completely separate, and with it I remain my frugal Yankee best.

Why, though, with all the yarn? Why isn't what I have enough?


Nell said…
The yarn you have is not enough because there is a plethora of beautiful yarn out there. And it's not so expensive that resistance is worthwhile. ;)
Knitting Kris said…
Well, if you can truly answer that last question, I might worry about you.
Hubby thinks it is a disease, and I've talked with other like-minded folks....they agree that there is not a concept of too much yarn. I told myself that I didn't need any more yarn, and yet I bought some last week. And joined Yarntini's sock club. I just got out of STR sock club. UGH!
It could be a disease....I think there is research pending.....