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Jazz Hands

If my latest project were a body part, it would be Jazz Hands. (That's directly from the creative loin of my muse. What the fuck does that mean? And is she right? LOL.)

I finished the German Fish socks yesterday and by last night I had given birth to these new socks. The yarn is Wollmeise. Oh, yes kiddies. The one, the only (colorways Kurbis and Schwarz), the no longer selling for $90 so I can feel safe to use it, Wollmeise.

I lost hours of sleep stashing this yarn. It was the beginning of the end in the aught-not madness, very much like Tulip Mania, but with less men. You know I sometimes wonder how many indie dyer's reputations and businesses were built on the toxic assets of the aughts. (I totally have a little person complex, so forgive my haughtiness in advance.)

I am perversely proud my husband and I kept sane when it seemed the whole world was refinancing their house, or flipping houses, in order to make fast cash that was turned into tropical isle cruise…

This week in everyday-crazy...

So, how are you darlings? I'm fine; even very well, thank you. I had some splendiferous knitting time this weekend, turning a knitting frown upside down. (I love that original corny saying!)

A couple of weeks ago I broke down and splurged on a tub of Cascade 220 (mostly heathers).

I felt an instant, but short-lived relief. On it's heels came the compulsion to begin knitting the yarn fair isle. It ran so hot, I wound a few balls at work during my down time.

I was possessed and it wasn't entirely pleasant. In under 48 hours I had picked out a color chart I like, chose my palette and began knitting something. Will it be a swatch? Or an afghan panel? Or a Sweater? All I know is that whatever it is, I'm not knitting on it now. The palette I chose is a mirror of the German Fish Socks and it wasn't long before my jagged passion bled out of me like the pulp of a crushed grape. Pffft...blech.

The pattern I chose is Eunny Jang's Ivy League Vest from In…

German Fish Socks, a Pseudo-Etymological Study, AKA Happy Wednesday!

For the lovely German Fish socks I am working on I am using some fine, but sturdy, coarse 75% wool/25% nylon yarn from a German dyer, Tausendschön. I got this and two other colorways from a rav trade a year or so ago. I loved the colors, but wasn't particularly impressed with the texture.

The German Socks natural base color is a fingering weight yarn of the same material mix from (gasp!!!) Red Heart, called Red Heart & Sole. It's got aloe in it. LOL. But red heart? Oh yes, my stranded fascination knows NO bounds. I had to start another stranded project, and it had to be the fish pattern, and I had no other base yarn. I never rav'd this yarn, so it was by accident I found it hidden in my yarn scrap bin when I went scrounging there in desperation.

Really, I feel no shame knitting with Red Heart. A year or two ago that may have been the case, but no more. I mean I love my Sundara socks, but they are knit at a gauge (maybe 6 or 7 stitches to the inch) whi…

Stranded Knitteh I lovez ye, let me count the wayz

Finding I have acquired the patience, the quieted soul, the inner peace, the karma, the whateverthefuck it is that I have now that allows me to really enjoy stranded knitting is an extraordinary milestone.

I love knitting stranded so much, I'm enjoying knitting these socks on size US 0/2.00mm needles. Oh, yes, this is a vibrant infatuation.

Infatuation? Or real abiding love? Only hindsight will confirm. But I'm so enjoying this knitting. LOL As if I really needed another reason to stash sock yarn. As if I really needed to get the new Knit Picks catalog with all of their cheap, rainbow colored yarns begging me to knit a fair isle sampler afghan.

I'm still holding out. But it won't be for long. Their yarn is cheap. And colorful. And I have Alice Starmore's fair isle book. The future is bright!