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Stranded Knitteh I lovez ye, let me count the wayz


Finding I have acquired the patience, the quieted soul, the inner peace, the karma, the whateverthefuck it is that I have now that allows me to really enjoy stranded knitting is an extraordinary milestone.

I love knitting stranded so much, I'm enjoying knitting these socks on size US 0/2.00mm needles. Oh, yes, this is a vibrant infatuation.


Infatuation? Or real abiding love? Only hindsight will confirm. But I'm so enjoying this knitting. LOL As if I really needed another reason to stash sock yarn. As if I really needed to get the new Knit Picks catalog with all of their cheap, rainbow colored yarns begging me to knit a fair isle sampler afghan.

I'm still holding out. But it won't be for long. Their yarn is cheap. And colorful. And I have Alice Starmore's fair isle book. The future is bright!