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A Life in Fugue

I definitely view the world differently than other people.

Sometimes I view the world differently than myself.

For the first time in my life I am able to catch glimpses of the "real" world, as it stands apart from my world. And sometimes my mind and body go off on their own.

For at least a week one part of me has been mentally berating myself for not taking an interest in photographing my FOs and wips. Another part of me has been guffawing at miss berator, laughing at her rigidity (I need a better word here...).

Knitting and photography are my joys, fuck if I'm gonna do them when I am not going to enjoy them.
The pictures herein were taken by Focused me, but edited by Fugue me. (I definitely need to name my different mes. That's a project in and of itself.)

As I was saying, Fugue me edited the photos on my laptop. My laptop sucks for photo editing, but I love my laptop. How do I reconcile these things? I dunno. Yet.

Sweater, sweater, I knit a sweater!