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One more reason why I'm not blogging, and, socks!

My compulsive nature impels me to blog my projects in sequence. Is it needless to say that my failure to do this, as evidenced by my meager post count for the past three months attests, stifles me? It may be, but it's still cathartic to put it down in black and white, or black and yellow as is the actual case.

Where I seem to have mastered the hiccups to fend off the loss of my coveted knitting mojo, I have not found the magic bullet to regain its blogging cousin.

In the early days of ravelry, there was concern that people would put all their effort into maintaining their projects page and reduce, or omit, their blogging altogether. In my own case, it hasn't held back my blogging as much as it has reduced my blog reading. I find my web surfing time is often spent reading the drama threads (go rubberneckers!) or perusing patterns and projects, rather than lurking my favorite knitblogs.

But in the past few weeks, as I've reflected on my blogging, I've come to realize…

I now interrupt this blog with a few words from Criminy Jickets...

"Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Blech ... too tight. RIP!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Ug-leeee. RIP!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Is that fabric or armour? RIP!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Grrrr, pattern totally lost in the variegation - RIP!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Boring. BORING!! Rip!!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Why do they call a yarn purple when it's really BROWN?? RIP!!!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.

Row 5 comes after Row 4 four, dude, not ROW 2 !! RIPP!

Blahbitty blah blah blah.


This post was stolen verbatim from the inimitable Criminy Jickets. It more than sums up the past six weeks of my knitting life. Hopefully he wont kill me for stealing it :-/.

So far behind the curve, there is no curve...

Several forces have kept me from blogging. First, being an aspie, the simple act of nominating favorite blogs and reaching a hand out to them made me crawl back up into my proverbial cocoon. Just the thought of reading my email or checking this blog gave me the heebie jeebies. Putting myself out there is just psychically dangerous. It just is.

The second reason my blogging has lagged recently extends before and beyond the recent anti socializing. It boils down to photographic limitations. Over the passed six weeks I have needed to take far more pictures than my interest would muster, my inspiration could bear, nor my skills produce. The causes are excessive yarn purchases and numerous and fickle FO's.

An example of the bottleneck is my month long attempt to photograph the two lovely skeins of La Digitessa Wollmeise I purchased at the end of August. Nothing I've done with my Canon powershot has come close to capturing the subtle variations of this vivid red yarn. Inste…

Gift Horse? HEER IZ meee LEWKNG in UR MOUTS

I'm a veteran cynic. Let's face it, any email I receive proffering light bulb! factoids means a browser is soon open and Snopes is being queried. In this day and age, this isn't cynicism, just common sense.

However, when I kindly received the following award from the lovely Ms. Blog-Blethers my natural cynicism was not roused. I was just childishly giddy that someone thought kindly of my blog and that I owed her a hearty "thank you" for her generosity of spirit.

She nominated me for the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award:

And I am honored. I have no allusions as to my stature in the blogosphere. My profile is near non existent. I am blessed to have a few people come by and read my musings, and an even smaller few who take time out of their day to write a comment on the things close to my heart. If a blogger wants to shower me with an award, I am pleased as punch.

But. There is always a but. This is where looking a gift horse in the mouth comes in. My natural curiosi…


I had really hoped this blog would be a place to muse over my projects and what I was, or was not, learning. It's seems to have lapsed into an FO and yarn acquisition gallery. Maybe that is the nature of craft blogging, as one's skill in a craft waxes, the desire to expound on every learning curve wanes.

So where am I? Well, it's kinda been the summer of scarves, for me, rather than a summer of socks. In fact, the only sock news I've got is that the Bayerische sock has been ousted from my knitting basket.

After getting a chance to knit on it again this weekend (after stubbornly ignoring its presence in my knitting basket for a month, maybe two) I realized I'm hating the pattern something fierce. It was a mere day in the frog pond when a post by Domesticat caught my eye. Maybe my Bayerische and I just need an extended vacation from each other. If in six months or so I feel the same, I'll know for certain frogging is the right choice. No need to be hasty after so …