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I had really hoped this blog would be a place to muse over my projects and what I was, or was not, learning. It's seems to have lapsed into an FO and yarn acquisition gallery. Maybe that is the nature of craft blogging, as one's skill in a craft waxes, the desire to expound on every learning curve wanes.

So where am I? Well, it's kinda been the summer of scarves, for me, rather than a summer of socks. In fact, the only sock news I've got is that the Bayerische sock has been ousted from my knitting basket.

Bayerische, Interrupted

After getting a chance to knit on it again this weekend (after stubbornly ignoring its presence in my knitting basket for a month, maybe two) I realized I'm hating the pattern something fierce. It was a mere day in the frog pond when a post by Domesticat caught my eye. Maybe my Bayerische and I just need an extended vacation from each other. If in six months or so I feel the same, I'll know for certain frogging is the right choice. No need to be hasty after so much work has already gone into it.

Well, there is one other piece of sock news I'm ready to discuss. I sent in an application to enter my second pair of La Digitessa socks into the local county fair. This is totally outside of my comfort zone.

I have to give a shout out to my Aunt Patricia (hi Aunt Patty! are you lurking?) for putting the bug in my head. She mentioned winning a ribbon for one of her rug hooking pieces a few years ago. So long ago, it was when knitting was just a pastime for me, not the way of life it has become. I was in awe of her and I secretly wished I could do something like that. So now I have! I drop the sock off in two weeks.

Up this weekend? Vermont Sheep & Wool with my Dad's wife. I've been looking forward to it all summer even though I have very little left in the yarn budget. A really old teenage friend came back into my life last week and I'm pumped to knit her and her mother a pair of Branching Out scarves (a great excuse for immodest yarn stashing, no?)

And finally, after the initial rush casting on I have yet to post about the Shetland Triangle (rav link) knit-a-long with Peaknit. A gentle nudge or two from her was all I needed to completely forget how I swore up and down to never knit a lace triangle shawl again. Two weeks later, though, it's been languishing, not unloved per se, but just pushed aside to finish another project, as well as to take a break from knitting in general.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it larger than the pattern suggests. Not too much larger, just a repeat or two. (I definitely have the yardage for a much larger shawl.) The 10 or so hours in the car I'm facing this weekend may be exactly what I need to turn this into an FO.

Happy weekend blogland!


Knitting Kris said…
Oh my, I know what you mean about the whole "blog" thing. Personally, I'm disappointed in myself for lack of posting anything purposeful in a long while....

I love your shawl and its color - it looks so rich.

PS- Your posts are never boring, and I usually learn something from them, so keep them coming! :)
peaknits said…
Congrats on taking the plunge with your La Digitessas - they are gorgeous!! And way to keep "along" on the shawl;) Mine has been laying dormant a few days - but I appreciate a nudge or two - yours is looking gorgeous! I'm so excited to eventually block it to really see it!
Nell said…
Congrats on entering your Digitessa's!!!! That's so amazing!

There's nothing to worry about with posting a little less. Sometimes, there just isn't much to say!
blog-blethers said…
I absolutely LOVE your socks!!

Know what you mean about mulling over blog content ... I think we all do that at some point.

I've nominated you for an award. Please check my blog to see:o)
Liz said…
Love those socks!

And the shawl is a beautiful colour.