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Two Months, Schmunths

I've been thinking about you blog. My SHE did take Best in Show at the Topsfield Fair on September 30th. My love of this project and the handy capture of the ribbon has left me querulous. Where is my knitting heading?

(Isn't that A Really Pretty Ribbon! Squee!)

Where do I want to take my knitting? I need something more than what I have. Last week my instincts were made flesh and shall be known henceforth as the Great Fall 2011 Knitting Purge. I definitively retired six projects.

Project Eins (1) ~ Flowers in the Attic

A lovely stranded Sundara sock knit. I really loved how the corrugated ribbing looked, but for the main pattern, a grunted "eh" sums up all subsequent emotions.

Project Zwei (2) ~ Summer Quilt Scarf

This project was inspired by a lovely antique quilt I have. I spent the summer pondering a way to translate my love of simple, early American quilts into a knitted form. Then the viral success of the Beekeeper's Quilt scared me something si…