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Two weeks in May

It's taken me near a month to realize that my spring schedule just doesn't give me the time to blog. Where I prefer to post two or three times a week, with each post on a different project, I find I just don't have the mental reserves. I'm going to have to resort to kitchen sink posts if I want to properly catalog what I've been doing and get through my busy season.

If it wasn't for some semblance of recording on Ravelry, the details of at least four of my recent projects would be lost to the ether.

Herbed Carrots Sock
Somewhere on or around May 12th I finished up Herbed Carrots.

It's pretty obvious there is more than a little difference in the sock colors. As they were knit from the same skein, it can't be a dye lot issue. As well, the lack of color in one sock over another means I don't have to blame my math or my gauge this time. It's the nature of indie yarns, plain and simple. And I can live with that, as these will be fabulously warm socks.


NHSW Part Two

The second half of my Saturday trip to the NHSW festival was spent focusing on spinning supplies, albeit with copious amounts of gratuitous fiber fondling thrown in. Chris gave me guidance on what type of roving to buy and I settled on an 8 ounce bag of natural colored Correidale.

Ascribing to the William Morris maxim, "[h]ave nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful," I was overjoyed to see Golding Fiber Tools had a booth. When I considered getting a drop spindle, I immediately envisioned buying one of their intricately carved whorls.

I found more than one to fall in love with, but easily settled on a hand carved vintage spindle (#13). When no one came promptly to ring up my purchase, I began to rethink the purchase and found myself returning the spindle to it's display. I had been hypnotized into gratifying every whim at the festival up until this point. The extravagance of the purchase finally awoke my slumbering pragmatism, …

NH Sheep and Wool, or Will this post ever end Wednesday

My blogging mojo has been as weak as an extra light cup of decaffeinated joe. I've got a lot of metaphysical questions and ideas floating around in my head these days much of which I either don't want to share or worse, desire to share but am unable to distill into a coherent narrative.

I am in a fugue state brought on by the nexus of some personal revelations and my immersion in the biographical material of Christopher Jonathon McCandless, the subject of the book and movie entitled Into the Wild. But there is both knitting and even a bit of introductory spinning going on at chez yarn these days, but before that I want to get down my thoughts about the weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed my jaunt up to Contoocook, where the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool festival was held. The web based weather forecast I read indicated it would start out cold and cloudy but get nicer as the day progressed and it was right on the money.

It was raw as I left my house at 7:30 am and I was glad to be keepin…

Done, and Done!

A major contradiction in this knitting hobby of mine wont stop rearing it's belligerent head: I love textured knitting and I prefer variegated yarn. I just went through this a couple of weeks ago, didn't I? Oh yes, I did. Yet, it took another two toes to remember this. Again. I am a olympic learner, I am.

I am commited to knitting Eunny Yang's Bayerische. I am also going to try to remember to commit my variegated yarn to plain or ribbed socks. Since there is nothing in my stash that will work with the Bayerische pattern, I was forced (oh yes, F O R C E D) to tramp out to an LYS on my lunch hour yesterday and I scored!

Not only did I get yarn for the Bayerische, but I finally nabbed that navy blue skein of Dream in Color Smooshy I've been eyeing for eons and a copy of IK's Favorite Socks.

Last night I settled something else. For about five or six days I've been mulling over whether I should go to NH Sheep and Wool this weekend. It may be the only New Engl…

In and out of focus

It's been days since I finished my latest Digitessas. I'm not sure I've been hesitant in posting because of my lack of enthusiasm for the final pics or from basic blogging ennui.

I took my first look at the pictures today and they're not great as a showcase for the socks, but there are quite a few with a pleasing composition.

The project details have been ravelled.

What an idea!

Knitting Kris's comment about knitting her a pair of Digitessas got me thinking. Maybe I could post an ad on Ravelry, like "Will knit Digitessa's for free Wollmeise!" Sadly, at the rate things are going, this may be the only avenue open to me to ever own some of Claudia's yarn.

I've just the cuffs left on both Digitessas, but am taking it slow. The row after row of p1/twisted k1 of the cuffs caused one of the worst flareups of tendonitis I've ever experienced when I plowed through my first pair. As soon as I felt an inkling of a twinge last night, I quickly switched the socks out with the Sunshine and Shadows shawl. It's was a touch choice, though, because my discipline to keep only two socks on needles at a time is stopping me from doing what I really want, and that is to try a new sock pattern.

My inner martinet is telling me I should focus on finishing my Herbed Carrots. The problem is, I'm kinda hating on this sock at the moment.

It's no…