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Done, and Done!

A major contradiction in this knitting hobby of mine wont stop rearing it's belligerent head: I love textured knitting and I prefer variegated yarn. I just went through this a couple of weeks ago, didn't I? Oh yes, I did. Yet, it took another two toes to remember this. Again. I am a olympic learner, I am.

I am commited to knitting Eunny Yang's Bayerische. I am also going to try to remember to commit my variegated yarn to plain or ribbed socks. Since there is nothing in my stash that will work with the Bayerische pattern, I was forced (oh yes, F O R C E D) to tramp out to an LYS on my lunch hour yesterday and I scored!

Not only did I get yarn for the Bayerische, but I finally nabbed that navy blue skein of Dream in Color Smooshy I've been eyeing for eons and a copy of IK's Favorite Socks.

Last night I settled something else. For about five or six days I've been mulling over whether I should go to NH Sheep and Wool this weekend. It may be the only New England festival I will have the chance of attending this spring. That I expect it to be a far more intimate adventure than Rhinebeck is another good reason to go.

Last night it dawned on me I should invite my Dad's wife, Chris. She's an experienced spinner and knitter, and an overall craft junkie. So I did and she was pretty gung ho right from the start. We'll be coming from opposite corners of NE so we'll be meeting up there.

She's as excited as I am to see the fleece to shawl contest, which is something I missed at Rhinebeck due to overexposure and exhaustion. I also want to contemplate the purchasing of a spindle and fleece in the company of spindles and fleece. I know her advice will be invaluable if I do take the plunge. Did I mention she is a major enabler, too? Monumental enabler.


Knitting Bandit said…
Did you know nothing posted but the date? I kept looking for a secret letter or somthing. What's your Ravelry name? I'd love to see your project page.
Knitting Kris said…
Oh, I hope that you have fun at the Fiber Festival! There were people spinning with drop spindles in the check-out lines at Maryland, and I was really interested, and intrigued! BUT, I do not need another hobby/addiction now. My hubby is already complaining about the yarn! :) Hope you had fun!