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On the Road to Setting an Agenda

Some time in the spring I affixed metaphorical blinders on to keep me in the proper robo-knitter mode needed to finish the behemoth SHE. Now that all 1,790-ish yards of SHE is off my plate there is no harm to looking deep into the abyss(es) of my knitting bin(s). I have the bandwidth to face the knitting crazy I have or have had going on.

About 10 days ago I frogged the Bayerische socks:

Madtosh sock
My flickr info informs me I took this photo three years ago, in August 2008. My desire to knit twisted cable stitches on size 2.00mm needles has not returned since the time I took the photo. It's time to accept the desire may never ever return. The pattern shall be waiting in it's own cellophane sleeve when, and if, it ever does.

After finishing up a recent FO which I have yet to showcase here I began a more ambitious version. The pattern was for an elbow length fingerless glove. I started the project at the beginning of June and frogged it at the beginning of this month:


Sigmund's gonna need a new name!

She no longer looks like a Sigmund the Sea Monster.

on the wires and loving it!

That, and she's now definitely a SHE. (I am wearing SHE as I type this. I think I will only take SHE off to shower and to place in such a position so that SHE may be worshiped formally.) I shall never be cold again!

damp, lain out right before blocking

I'm in the "block the helloutta it" camp.

I am having a pseudo-religious experience with this FO. I have never ever felt anything like this in recent memory. I am so enamored of SHE I don't think I can muster the will to put her up for judging at the fair because I CANNOT part with her.

I took her off the wires last night. When I lay on my bed with her covering me I felt blessed, as if swathed in pure grace. This feeling is pretty unknown to me. It's as if the sense of magic we so easily conjure as children escaped it's musty, dusty prison confine and is washing over me as joy and love.

For this blessing I am thankfu…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Heheheh. My life is filled with little sayings like that. Family sayings. My family is pretty far away from me physically, as well as psychologically. These phrases bring me back into their fold for a moment.

It is a very sweet moment.

Sundara Sock August 2011 LE

I just looked up the word "aphorism," as that was what came to mind first when I opened the "new post" window on Blogger. I'm feeling very partial to Merriam Websters #2 definition:

2 : a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment : adage

In my book the value of an aphorism is in it's sentimental brevity. And speaking of brevity, one of my favorite Dorothy 'Dot' Parker quotes is "Brevity is the soul of lingerie." Fuck, what a line that is.

Shibui Knits Staccato in the Kitchen colorway

So I downloaded a free PDF program and I think I know how to use it. It's only a matter of time, albeit maybe a long time, but just time in and of itself, nonetheless, before I dip my f…

time keeps on slippin'... into the future

Whoa, tastycakes! It's August?

I am rounding the corner on my Evenstar, recently renamed Sigmund the Sea Monster:

You see what I mean with the name, right? Gawd.

Thanks to the statistics kept by my camera, and Flickr, I can say with complete confidence that I started the knit on border on or around July 31, 2011. And after parannoying for a week that I'd never get it done by the end of August, I passed the halfway mark yesterday evening. That's over 10,000 stitches in eight days (560 rows x an average of 18 stitches). (How is that even possible?!?) Booyah!

Anything can happen between now and August 31. I've had more than a few months without a stitch knit on this, but the craving to block this suckah is driving me onward. It's a primal urge. And if the past nine days has informed me of anything, a weekend or two is all I'll need to finish her up.

With that said, my point in having it done by August 31 may be a moot one. That deadline is for me to be …