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On the Road to Setting an Agenda

Some time in the spring I affixed metaphorical blinders on to keep me in the proper robo-knitter mode needed to finish the behemoth SHE. Now that all 1,790-ish yards of SHE is off my plate there is no harm to looking deep into the abyss(es) of my knitting bin(s). I have the bandwidth to face the knitting crazy I have or have had going on.

About 10 days ago I frogged the Bayerische socks:

Bayerische, Interrupted
Madtosh sock

My flickr info informs me I took this photo three years ago, in August 2008. My desire to knit twisted cable stitches on size 2.00mm needles has not returned since the time I took the photo. It's time to accept the desire may never ever return. The pattern shall be waiting in it's own cellophane sleeve when, and if, it ever does.

After finishing up a recent FO which I have yet to showcase here I began a more ambitious version. The pattern was for an elbow length fingerless glove. I started the project at the beginning of June and frogged it at the beginning of this month:

Sundara's fingering merino cashmere in Ruby Port

At the end of June I binged on a new yarn, Acadia by The Fiber Company. I had a colorwork project in mind for which I put together this sample thingy:


I proceeded to cast on a sweater sleeve cuff with absolutely no idea of where I was going, and knowing I already had two design-as-I-knit sweaters on needles. I never entered the project on Ravelry. I'm pretty sure I frogged the cuff the same day or evening I frogged the Bayerische socks:


Right now I am overwhelmed by vivacious and myriad design impulses. Frogging hastily cast-on projects seems my best defense at the moment. I think it's working as I made significant headway on a sweater I started last January and one of the few stranded sock projects I have going.

My ambition is bigger than my brain capacity. I'm gonna slow 'er down and see what happens.