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My totally tubular love affair (part 1 of hopefully 2)

My knitting has been pretty low-key over the past 12 months.  I knit a couple of fantastic, but simple, garter stitch afghans, more than a handful of stockinette raglan sweaters, and numerous ribbed cowls.

It was in contemplating knitting a simple 1 x 1 rib noro stripe cowl that the notion of revisiting the tubular cast-on/cast-off techniques went from the slow paced "some day" column on my to do list to the now! now! now! column.

noro kureyon colorways 287 and 226
Inspired by the ubiquitous Brooklyn Tweed Noro Scarf.

My first, and I think last, completed attempt at using the tubular method was way back in January 2008, with my toe-up seal rock socks (ravelry link).  I knit one 2 x 2 rib cuff and was pretty impressed with how it looked, but a lot less impressed with the effort it took.  I frogged it so that I didn't have to knit the second sock to match.  Laziness.  I haz it.

As far as technique, I am pretty sure I used either Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook