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Makin' Hay

We interrupt your normal broadcast to opine on some crazeh.

Sundara Sock, Wood Studies #?

Now, I don't know about you, but I am prone to outlandish thoughts. (I used to berate myself on this tendency, feeling it a necessary postmortem. I embrace it now, letting my fancy go where it may and then marveling at its produce). For reasons I won't bore you with, my mind always assumes the worst, fulling the details where needed.

Ever since I invested in my second Elizabeth Zimmerman book and saw the same biological material reiterated alongside just one pearl of her wisdom I was after, only to find I needed another one of her books to get another one of her pearls of wisdom, and pay for another iteration of her "I am a knitting heretic" biography, well, I've grown a little bit ornery towards the old dame.

Oh, yes, I thought the biographical material was fabulous. The first time. But the second and third and fourth time, I felt violated by an unctuous substanc…


Hypocriping - the act of discussing a state of being as a constant, because it is, only to be overtaken, as a constant, by the opposite state once the state of being is consciously considered.

Now that I got that crazeh out of my brain, lemme get to the point.

Yummeh yummeh yummeh. What a difference a week makes.

For a few weeks now I've been cleaning up my knitting. I've reorganized my yarn and gone through my works in progress. This mojo started to coalesce right about the time I wrote my last entry about how I wasn't knitting that much. Shortly after that was written I kicked the pernicious Facebook gaming habit that developed over the heat wave last summer. (Yes. It was that addictive!)

My knitting ennui all but disappeared when I took up stranded sock knitting last week. Now all I can think about is stranded knitting and buying more yarn for stranded knitting projects. As the tendency to hypocripe is strong in me, I've got the irrepressible desire t…