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Hypocriping - the act of discussing a state of being as a constant, because it is, only to be overtaken, as a constant, by the opposite state once the state of being is consciously considered.

Now that I got that crazeh out of my brain, lemme get to the point.

Green Oyster Peel

Yummeh yummeh yummeh. What a difference a week makes.

For a few weeks now I've been cleaning up my knitting. I've reorganized my yarn and gone through my works in progress. This mojo started to coalesce right about the time I wrote my last entry about how I wasn't knitting that much. Shortly after that was written I kicked the pernicious Facebook gaming habit that developed over the heat wave last summer. (Yes. It was that addictive!)

Green Oyster Peel

My knitting ennui all but disappeared when I took up stranded sock knitting last week. Now all I can think about is stranded knitting and buying more yarn for stranded knitting projects. As the tendency to hypocripe is strong in me, I've got the irrepressible desire to buy 50,000 colors of some cascade 220 securely reined (for now, can anyone say fair isle sampler afghan?!?) Who knows if this compulsion will truly take hold. (Yes! Yes! Yes!) I have limited space for additional yarn, so a wait and see approach seems best.

The Green Oyster Peel sockettes were knit in Sundara and Madelinetosh sock yarns. I designed them on the fly to practice stranded knitting, as well as to knit a toeless sock to wear with my snowboarding boots. They don't exactly match, but that doesn't take much away from their utter decadence. I would have still loved them even if they hadn't worked fantabulously last night.