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Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? (en chorus)

I'm embarrassed. I used the Joe DiMaggio title twice of recent. Today's three times a charm is intentional.

Is that something you remember as a child, adults repeating the same thing, and you looking up at them in impatience wondering how one could forget they've already said that umpteen times?

I remember having a sharp mind as a child. I have a vague and consistent memory of thinking forlornly about losing said sharpness of mind around age 16 and onwards. These days I am on theory number three or four or five of why this happened. I think, now, it happens primarily because older folks have more memories the more we age. More traumas, more joys, more people we've met, more jobs mastered and forgotten. More detritus, to be blunt.

Life is overstimulating. Maybe holding on to the core things is how our brain stabilizes us in time and place. So the title to this post has some significance to my own mythology. One that I fall back on in comfort.
Comfort is goo…

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Another musically inspired title.

It's been a month? Life spins me right 'round baby right 'round. (I remember loving to hate that song. My best friend loved it. I loved the send-up to the singer, and the era's fashion, in The Wedding Singer. Great movie.)

But this har joint is a knitting blog. Knitting. Yes, I have been knitting. Not as much, not as often, but with great enjoyment.

And I have a little photographic proof. (Just a little.)

Above is my Rambling Rows afghan, or should I say lapghan. It will be pretty small, and that's okay.

I've been meaning to knit this for a couple of years and well, now I am.

I bought the yarn as an impulse buy from Knitpicks this summer. I'm a sucker for tweeds. I had no plan for it, and then the yarn arrived and the colors weren't as dynamic as I had envisioned.

After the initial disappointment, I realized the yarn would be a natural fit for this mosaic tiled afghan. In August, I used MSExcel to final…