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Sigmund's gonna need a new name!

She no longer looks like a Sigmund the Sea Monster.

evenstar_cum sigmund_cum?
on the wires and loving it!

That, and she's now definitely a SHE. (I am wearing SHE as I type this. I think I will only take SHE off to shower and to place in such a position so that SHE may be worshiped formally.) I shall never be cold again!

evenstar_cum sigmund_cum?
damp, lain out right before blocking

I'm in the "block the helloutta it" camp.

evenstar_cum sigmund_cum?

I am having a pseudo-religious experience with this FO. I have never ever felt anything like this in recent memory. I am so enamored of SHE I don't think I can muster the will to put her up for judging at the fair because I CANNOT part with her.

I took her off the wires last night. When I lay on my bed with her covering me I felt blessed, as if swathed in pure grace. This feeling is pretty unknown to me. It's as if the sense of magic we so easily conjure as children escaped it's musty, dusty prison confine and is washing over me as joy and love.

For this blessing I am thankful.