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So far behind the curve, there is no curve...

Several forces have kept me from blogging. First, being an aspie, the simple act of nominating favorite blogs and reaching a hand out to them made me crawl back up into my proverbial cocoon. Just the thought of reading my email or checking this blog gave me the heebie jeebies. Putting myself out there is just psychically dangerous. It just is.

The second reason my blogging has lagged recently extends before and beyond the recent anti socializing. It boils down to photographic limitations. Over the passed six weeks I have needed to take far more pictures than my interest would muster, my inspiration could bear, nor my skills produce. The causes are excessive yarn purchases and numerous and fickle FO's.

An example of the bottleneck is my month long attempt to photograph the two lovely skeins of La Digitessa Wollmeise I purchased at the end of August. Nothing I've done with my Canon powershot has come close to capturing the subtle variations of this vivid red yarn. Instead of capturing its pale orangey reds and deep reddish pinks, I just get red. I've tried sunlight, diffused light, cloudy conditions, and my lightbox. The lightbox almost gave me the oranges...

A second multi shoot project is my Malabrigo Entrelac Scarf. It was finished on September 3. Numerous attempts to capture the vivid blue without the green flecks turning neon is a FAIL too.

Entrelac Scarf

Anything I may have wanted to say about the voyage of knitting this scarf is lost to the mists of time.

Today I set aside a good portion of the day to getting my knitting house in some semblance of order. I succeeded in getting some inspiring photos of my Shetland Triangle, finished on September 13.

Shetland Triangle

I knit four extra repeats of the main chart. My shawl, post blocking, at rest, measures 58" wide and 26" long.

Shetland Triangle in the wild

I also used the k2, k2tog bind off from Evelyn Clark's Knitted Triangles book, rather than the basic k2, bind off one that I think the pattern calls for.

Shetland Triangle in the wild

The rest of the details have been ravelled.

The new shawl pins I picked up at the VT Sheep and Wool look fabulous with it.

VT Shawl Pin
VT Shawl Pin


Knitting Kris said…
I know how you feel about putting yourself "out there." It's extremely unnerving most of the time. I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks now, and I feel guilty about that....why? It's not like I owe anyone anything, or that there is a big following on my blog, FPS. I think it's become one more thing in a long line of things to accomplish. And inability to finish projects has become a major problem these days.
OK - enough blahs - your scarf and shawl are gorgeous! I have never knit entrelac, and find it fascinating! A must learn skill for the future!
Nell said…
Great photos! Beautiful yarns and projects!!!
peaknits said…
omg, your shetland is gorgeous! Wow, I'm still lolling around on repeat #8...I need to do more after that and the edging - I'm coming, I promise! I shall see you at the end of this impromptu, informal KAL:) Your photos are gorgeou!!
blog-blethers said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
blog-blethers said…
Whoops! Deleted the comment above as I got into a hash with it - sorry:o)

Just wanted to say your shetland triangle is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing it:) It makes me think of snuggling into it in front of a roaring fire and hibernating there through winter...