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This week in everyday-crazy...

So, how are you darlings? I'm fine; even very well, thank you. I had some splendiferous knitting time this weekend, turning a knitting frown upside down. (I love that original corny saying!)

A couple of weeks ago I broke down and splurged on a tub of Cascade 220 (mostly heathers).


I felt an instant, but short-lived relief. On it's heels came the compulsion to begin knitting the yarn fair isle. It ran so hot, I wound a few balls at work during my down time.

I was possessed and it wasn't entirely pleasant. In under 48 hours I had picked out a color chart I like, chose my palette and began knitting something. Will it be a swatch? Or an afghan panel? Or a Sweater? All I know is that whatever it is, I'm not knitting on it now. The palette I chose is a mirror of the German Fish Socks and it wasn't long before my jagged passion bled out of me like the pulp of a crushed grape. Pffft...blech.


The pattern I chose is Eunny Jang's Ivy League Vest from Interweave Knit's Winter 2007. (If you follow the link, turns out it is a free pattern on their site.) I really really love the pattern, but the colors are all wrong for me.

So I panicked. And then I panicked some more. And then I grabbed for my hibernating Evenstar project.


The bright rusty golds, turquoise, and olive greens are the perfect antidote to the chilly palette the German Fish Socks and vest. Humina humina humina.

I began chart 3 of the pattern and now have 560 friggin' stitches on the needle. And I'm faced with 67 more rounds of these 560 stitches. Holy cowshit, Batman! Will this FO survive my congenital caprice? Tune in next year, kiddies. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.