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Brain Malfunction

The knitting and spinning has been slowed by health, work, and the demands of the holiday season. Washing the yarn I plied the week after Thanksgiving was on the todo list the day I first woke up sick as a dog, December 12.

And todo it, I did.

Not being right in the head has to be the reason I thought it was a very good idea to put all my newly plied handspun into the washing machine with a hat and scarf.

Being sick has its consequences...

handspun mess

(The second picture is one of the first I took with the new camera.)

If I hadn't been preoccupied with wallowing in vat of self pity the size of a small island nation over being sick, I would have been crying myself a river, and then a sea, and then an ocean over the perceived ruination of all my hard work.

The delayed hysteria gave me enough time to recall that when it comes to untangling things I have a freakish amount of patience.

BFL Handspun 11/08

Merino Handspun

Mystery wool from VT S&W 11/08

I originally wrote this around 12/18/08.


Knitting Kris said…
From tangled to orderly....from a hank to a ball (or a cake), and from a cake to a piece of art. It's all a process. I think we all must have some patience in knitting, although I think you have the Lion's share!
Happy New Year!
Nell said…
That IS a freakish amount of patience. I would need a freakish amount of whiskey.