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Year in Review

2008 Knitting in Review

1. Mill End Socks, 2. Meaghan's Socks, 3. Seraphim Shawl, 4. Town Meeting Socks mistake heel, 5. Sarah's Socks, 6. Entrelac Scarf, 7. Shetland Triangle in the wild, 8. Embossed Leaves Socks, 9. Leaf Mitts, 10. Wide Leaf Scarf, 11. Wide Leaf Hat, 12. Apple Lace Scarf, 13. Dad's 70th Socks, 14. Herbed Carrots, 15. Digitessa Too, 16. Mobeius, 17. Blueberry Moon, I love this p2k1 ribbing!, 18. La Digitessa Socks, 19. Blue Wavering, 20. Electric Mitts, 21. Lime & Blue Cabled Hat, 22. Christmas Balls Socks, 23. LMKG Chevron Scarf, 24. EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket, 25. Baby Cakes Raglan, 26. Project Stole and Frizzy Hair. Woot!, 27. Cornucopia Socks, 28. Seal Rock Socks

29 FO's

13 Socks
4 Scarves
3 Shawls
2 Mitts
2 Baby Sweaters
2 Hats
1 Adult Sweater
1 Stole
1 Cowl

Conclusion #1: More socks for me this year. Seriously. I gotta be more selfish about this.

Conclusion #2: Relearning that I should never say never. One year ago, if someone would have shown me this FO list, my face would have twisted into a "what you talkin' 'bout Willis" expression. I never would have thought I'd ever knit a lace shawl OR be spinning fiber.

Hopes and dreams for the new year?

Hope #1: I really want to harness my creativity and develop patterns.

Hope #2: Knit more sweaters. I'm sick of the love affair American fashion has with negative ease. I need more sweaters and I want some positive ease '80s style.

Hope #3: Knit a truly inspiring shawl that takes the "Best in Show" ribbon at the Topsfield fair. (A girl's gotta dream big.)


Knitting Kris said…
I miss shows like "Different Strokes." They don't make family shows much anymore, and that makes me sad.
You've accomplished quite a bit this year, all very lovely knitted items! And I have no doubt that you will knit a prize-winning shawl in the near future!
PS - I'm about to embark on the FLS, and am very nervous, but must forge onward and become a fearless knitter!
blog-blethers said…
What a beautiful montage of colours, fibre and stunning projects!

I feel good things coming for the Topsfield fair this year:o)

Know what you mean too about making socks for yourself. I've made about 2 dozen pairs so far I reckon - and not one of them for me!
Nell said…
You definitely need more socks. Especially with the weather lately!