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Knitting freedom

The Shetland Shawl/hat/mitt project ended on as onerous note as all my other scarf/hat/mitt projects. Which is too bad, but easily, and happily, forgotten.

Now that it's done I feel like I can breathe easier. Not only am I enjoying wearing these every_single_day (fangul you -6 degrees!) I can get to that gift project I started back in November, but had to put aside to complete my Christmas knitting in time.

It's the lace scarf knit up in a lovely cocoa colored Bristol Valley Yarns. My new camera captures the color of the yarn beautifully.

Bristol Yarn Gallery

It's 80% Alpaca/20% Silk and splitty as all get out, but I think I'm finally finding my rhythm. I nearly doubled its size this week. (Photo below was before.)

cocoa lace scarf

Speaking of my camera, I finally had a chance to take pictures with it outside and I had a rude awakening. All that success I've had with indoor photos is the extent of my knowledge with the camera. This puppy must be reprogrammed for outdoor light and, well, uh, I just haven't had the mental energy to crack open the book hubby gave me to learn the settings. I tried the auto setting and it, like the indoor auto setting, was a bust.

I'm gonna blame my ennui on the monotonous snow (once or twice a week since early December) which I'm watching fall presently. My regular outdoor staging ground, our back deck, has been covered since we received 8 or so inches back before Christmas. The following picture, with the old Canon powershot, was taken last January. It is a pretty decent facsimile of what I see right now, sans Junco and Cardinal:

January 2008 snow storm


Nell said…
Beautiful lace scarf! That color will compliment every outfit.

And what a lovely picture of the birds. Almost makes me miss winter.
Knitting Kris said…
The scarf is lovely! Good photos too! I'm glad that you are enjoying your camera. The weather, although normal for this time of year, is starting to wear on me too. I like snow and cold, but right about now, I start to loathe it. For some reason, it seems that January through March is unusally lengthy.