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Trust and Faith

Sweater pattern knitting is all about Trust and Faith. These are two things of which I am in constant want. Yet I am driven to knit sweaters. Driven, as in obsessively thinking about this and only this when I should be doing any number of things adults need to do to make money and keep a roof over their heads.

(Deep breath taken; slowly exhaled.)

My first two sweaters were disastrous affairs due to my poor choice of materials. They fit physically, but they weren't fit for public consumption. The third sweater was a success and saw many years of useful service until recent evolutions in color fashion have given it a dated appearance. My fourth sweater, though, is a minor masterpiece to me.


No, I had no clue on how to measure yarn gauge, so it does not fit my husband perfectly. And, no, I had no clue how to adjust the cable patterns to account for the shoulder decreases, so the cables on the shoulder look a bit odd in places. But, but, but, I designed the Aran panel myself and I totally winged the design and the construction.

I had, in fact, no clue what I was doing. I just did it. I threw caution to the wind and for all it's faults I will remain forever proud of this project because I took a chance. I put trust in myself and was given faith in return. If you knew me you would know that this was a minor miracle, and a minor miracle that begot a minor masterpiece.

Hubby has been informed he is only a lessee of this sweater. Ownership rights revert to it's knitter upon dissolution of the marriage. I totally reserve the right to be selfish over this garment.

So, sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. I'm obsessed and yet I haven't been able to actually find a pattern to hitch my wagon onto. Ideas come and go, swatches are put forth. The swatches, omg, swatches; I am awash in swatches.

Back in September I splurged on a boatload of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Iceberg that had been calling my name for months and months. It is a lovely wool/silk/cashmere blend.


Having worked with a yarn of hers before, one which had the same fiber content, I was prepared to carefully swatch to adequately account for the expected growth. I was still surprised:

she grows and grows

OMG! This swatch is so soft and luxurious I kept it with me at all times for several days. I even fondled it while driving! That's not too crazy, right?

swatching silkroad dk tweed


Knitting Kris said…
Oh my - that sweater is just gorgeous. I don't feel worthy to post on your blog!
I loved your memories of knitting socks post too! I didn't realize you were posting again! YEAH! I missed you!
Nell said…
I really, really love that your marriage has a sweater contingency!
Shannon said…
You did an absolutely amazing job on this! I am so envious...and I bow before your mad knitting skills. :)