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That inner voice

My inner voice hasn't been that interested in blogging lately. Part of it is the heat, part of it is that my inner voice has been busy thinking about the types of things that get in the way of knitting and blogging.

It's also been wondering if I really feel like sharing myself with the world anymore. Has my exhibitionism run its course? The answer is that I'm not sure since for ten days the answer seemed to be yes. Yet that is obviously contradicted with the most decidedly no of today.

Eleven days ago I finished my Apple Lace Scarf.

It was the best pick up and go project I think I've had to date. The pattern was easy to remember, so I could take it everywhere and anywhere (including nowhere, AKA my couch) but varying enough to keep me excited about picking it up.

Once done I couldn't stop my self from indulging in an little excessiveness; I tried out the blocking pins I purchased a few months ago

A steam iron would have been just as effective, but far less fun.

I began this project on June 4, 2008 and finished it on July 4, 2008.

Maple Creek Yarn in an undisclosed colorway
This is an indie outfit out of Pennsylvania, I think. I purchased the yarn at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool fest back in May. On the two or three occasions I checked their website, they had nothing like this yarn. It is a merino/cotton blend. The label doesn't give the percentages, but I was told 60% merino, 40% cotton by the proprietor of the booth.

I used approximately 479 of its 480 yards.

The yarn is tagged as fine, but it is mostly sport weight. There were plenty of soft slubby sections, with far fewer anemic, fine weighted sections.

It was such a dream to work with, I might hit up the Knit and Crochet show being held in Manchester, NH at the end of the month, where they're listed as a vendor, just to grab some more of the same.

Size US3/3.25mm 16" harmony wood circular needle made by Knitpicks.

The pattern is innocuously named Cashmere Scarf c233 (rav link) by Lijuan Jing and published by Jojoland for their 2 ply cashmere. However, if you use the link on the rav page to get to the Jojoland web page cashmere scarf c233 is a different pattern altogether. The actual Jojoland pattern is sold in the c222 kit, so named for it's colorway #, I think. Either way, it is an awesome, easy peasy lace pattern.

The finished scarf is 7 inches wide by 57 1/2 inches long.


Knitting Kris said…
Oh my, that scarf is just lovely!
My blogger voice is remaining quiet too. The activities of life are just too chaotic now. Maybe it is a phase that will pass. I, for one, really enjoy your posts, your photos, and of course, your knitting and spinning.
peaknits said…
The scarf is gorgeous! I think that a lot of bloggers are united in silence right now - it's quiet and that's okay - time to rest and get focused. I think the winter chases us in and we need to reach out via blogging then:) Take care!
Nell said…
The scarf is lovely!

Summer always makes my blog a little quieter too. Just do what you want to do. Blogging shouldn't be a job!