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Blue Ribbon Evening!

Sunset over Topsfield

My one hope of yesterday came true. The hubster and I were high up on the ferris wheel at the Topsfield Fair (our county fair) at dusk.

Romantic is not a word that readily comes to someone's mind when they think of me. Pragmatic or sentimental, surely, but romantic, never. In fact I think I am one of the few Jane Austen fans that read her books for the social commentary rather than the romantic denouement. So I did surprise myself when I thought a sunset ride on the ferris wheel for the day after our 9th wedding anniversary last night would be perfect.

It was. Especially after we took a moment to check out how the judging went for my Digitessa socks. (Please ignore where I crudely photoshopped my real name)

Blue Ribbon Socks!

If you can imagine it, I totally did a little happy-happy dance right then and there. There is still a 10 year old girl inside this jaded, middle aged knitter. It was nice to spend some time with her again.


peaknits said…
COngratulations on the win - they are lovely and you totally deserved this:)
Nell said…

What a romantic evening!
Knitting Kris said…
Congrats! I knew you would win. Those socks are fabulous!
Hey - I love your writing. I can't believe you used "denouement" in a sentence! I had to say that word in the play in August, and it was a big deal, because the character who played the judge didn't know what my character was referring the next line was a big joke, where I slid my glasses down on my nose, looked disgusted, and stated its meaning! I think it got a chuckle from the audience!