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Cherry Hill Tree Brights is now a WIP!

I've finally cast on the Cherry Hill Tree "Brights."

At this stage yesterday afternoon I was unsure if the colorway wasn't drowning out the cable pattern and I was all set to frog and design anew. But something stopped me. I remembered that the whole point of doing another CHT project was to improve upon the pattern I came up with on the fly for the "Blue/Green" xmas sock I finished last weekend.

As I mentioned earlier, the sock was too big in the foot, and the cable and knit sections of the heel weren't proportional, which is probably the source of the too wide foot section. So I continued to plug away.

Am I in love with this colorway now I've knit it up? Eh, not so much. The wine color seems to dominate, where I was really drawn to the apple greens, yellows, and rusty orange. But it is still a great yarn to work with.