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Classic Elite Yarns

I stated last week I had never worked with Classic Elite Yarns, but oops! this is one big lie! This first FO of the year was made using their Princess yarn in “Top Turq” back in March (or was it April?) Either way the set wasn’t finished until it was no longer needed.

It took so long because I was knitting freehand and I couldn’t decide on a pattern. I loved this seed stitch diamond pattern hat I made with gray Dale Baby Ull (which I purchased at a great yarn store in Brattleboro, VT).

I was trying to recapture the perfection with the Top Turq. Turns out perfection required frogging at least four or five times. Once I had settled on the checkerboard/thatch pattern, the project flowed. This is why I envy pattern people.

Back to the point, the Princess yarn was a dream to knit and it may have been the first time I used a luxury fiber (fiber content: 40% Merino/28% Viscose/10% Cashmere/7% Angora/15% Nylon).

It seems Classic Elite Yarns is my new best friend. First Princess, then LUSH (fiber content: 50% Angora/50% Wool), now Summer Set (fiber content: 64% cotton, 19% alpaca, 12% polyester, 5% lyocel).

I picked up the "Dune Grass" (more like granny apple green!) Summer Set yarn Friday night at my local Fabric Place. They've been having a fantastic 25% off sale and I've been so itching to knit a sweater. The stars were aligned! What can a girl do? Succomb, succomb, succomb. $68 for 15 skeins, a bahhgain!