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Pattern...Moi? Couldn't be, could it?

I christen my blog with one of my very first items knit truly and soley from a pattern. Lookee here, I done made me a[n] hallowig for my hubby!!!!

Using leftover Pattons Classic Merino in an Armor (heather) grey (on size eight bamboo straights) seemed appropriate for the pattern. The husband wanted me to incorporate a little dangling thing knit off the brow and down to his nose to similate a medieval helmut. Yes, I am thankful it is I wielding the needles and not him. A little reality check: would a floppy nub in the middle of ones face be useful in a winter gale? Errr, not so much. Practicality ye were my only hope!

Thanks Megan Reardon at Knitty and an unknown blogger who linked to it. My husband would thank you both if he had manners.