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Trip to Patternworks...

So we threw caution to the wind and trekked up to Patternworks in Center Harbor, New Hampshire in search of this 104" yarn swift/ball winder combo they sell in their catalog.

Saturday was beautiful, the hubster was obliging, and Ripley's never been in the car that long, so hey, why not go to the source, rather than using mail order. (Yes, I am the only long distance purchase aversive person alive – and the result? It’s taken me two years to get up the nerve to purchase the ball winder and swift!)

It didn't take long to realize there were more bikers on I-93 north than cars, but then again we rarely get into NH during the summer, and since it is the live free or die state, we first thought nothing of it. That is until we couldn't ignore it any longer. It's June, it's beautiful, and yes, it was a great day to take a long ride behind 20 bikers, with the one directly in front of us stowing a plush, stuffed penis. Yes, you read that right, a plush.stuffed.penis. Stupid me never even thought to get a photo. I was too busy being amused at my own prudishness.

Well, it turns out that this was the most popular of the two weekends that bookend Bike Week in NH, and Laconia - the heart of biker country in the northeast - is just south of Patternworks. The bad news was the traffic, the good news Patternworks was empty. There is nothing this aspy anthrophobe hates more than going into a new yarn store and being jostled by excessive clientele, which in a yarn store may consist of just one or two people.

This being my first visit to Patternworks, I was struck by it’s small size. It’s not as small as a LYS, but it wasn’t as large as I had expected. But more importantly, I did buy some beautiful yarn cheap! I purchased two skeins of LUSH by Classic Elite Yarns in "Keys Green" for $4.99 each!!!! It’ll be the first time I’ve worked with this yarn, though I’ve seen their ads in magazines.

My first wound ball! Supercalifragilisticispyalidocious!