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Summer Set cardigan begins....

I've decided to do a cardigan in this spectacular Summer Set yarn. I will be knitting from the top down for the body and then adding 2 x 2 ribbing, on a much smaller needle, to the neck, front, and bottom.

Since my swatch doesn't match the the 4" guidelines, I'm winging it once again. I could have tried smaller needles, but I want this to be a loose knit sweater for spring and summer. My thinking on this is that a tightly knit sweater will not only be too warm, but too heavy weightwise, for the spring and summer.

I've made a third cast on last night and have knitted about 10 rows. At the last minute I decided to incorporate some holes in the design. My brilliant, middle aged mind can't remember what the pattern is called when knitting has holes interspersed. And the Google isn't cooperating, either. Maybe I should keep the Harmony stitch guide at work, as well as start me some Senior Moment.

Tonight I'll take it off the needles and see if it's shaping up well.