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I spent last night trying to get some of my work on camera. Very little success. So I'm technologically inept and that doesn't auger well for a blog, but never thee mind.

I've got two WIPs, a KFYOS blanket that was once going to be a cabled poncho and the above pair of xmas socks for my sister. This sock is my first foray with a superwash merino from Cherry Hill Tree in their colorway Green/Blue. It's like a dream, and a dream on size two bamboo dpns no less! For me, that's saying somethin'.

I found this yarn a few weeks ago when I ventured, quite trepiditously, into a LYS I've never been in before in Wakefield, MA, Butterfly Yarns. The proprietor was very nice and very friendly and loves her dogs. What else can I say? For an anthrophobe like me it was near stress free. She was perfectly gregarious and I made it out alive with only a little bit of unease. Good day for a fantabulous yarn.

So I went back two days ago and shuffled through what Cherry Hill Tree she had left and came back with a skein of "Bright." Can you say Yum! Yum!

From what I'm gathering Cherry Tree Hill isn't a mass producer of these yarns. So, if you find a colorway you like, grab it up. Then again I'm not an avid yarn consumer, so who knows the web may be crawling with their product.
What I am anticipating is finally getting a yarn winder thingy with a swift that expands out 104" at Patternworks. I just gotta get through the buying-on-the-web phobia thingy. But it's worth it, right?


Jofrog said…
Oooh, now I want to cast on for some socks in my CTH yarn! Beautiful.

Welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for introducing us to your animals. I love another animal rescuer. I hope Ripley is settling in well.
Morticcia said…
You're gonna love the CTH yarn!