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Xmas Socks! Done!

Jen's Christmas socks in the blue/green Cherry Hill Tree are done! Considering I didn't use a pattern, and was using a smaller gauge than ever before, and incorporated ribbing for the first time, the socks came out pretty well-proportioned.

They are a definitely looser in the arch of the foot than they should be for a sock to be worn with shoes, but Jen'll be wearing these to sleep in so there was no reason to frog and restart. The next pair in ‘Brights’ will be for me and hopefully I’ll have worked out the ‘maths’ and get a snugger fit.

I seem to be having a bit of a learning curve with the ball winder, specifically creating nice looking balls with the string coming out the center and the exterior not all a mess. (AKA, I know the pic is pathetic!) On the second of these two CHT ‘Brights’ balls I increased the tension. When I knit up the socks I’ll see if increased tension is good or bad or unimportant.