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Bloggers are so friggin' helpful!

Poking around the Knitting Blog webring homepage, I happened upon a link to crazycatknitter's blog. That was the best thing I did of recent, and that's saying something considering this.

In a post earlier in the month she gave a shout out to an April 2005 post over at the knitticisms blog that provides a step by step guide to creating your own knitting progress bars. I had been using a skanky "baby is due in X months" ticker from the ticker factory. And today crazycatknitter has a link to a Ravelry widget that will calculate where each member stands in getting their invite to the beta. Woohoo!

My status:
  • I signed up June 7, 2007
  • I am #7,559 on the list;
  • There are 1,713 people in head of me in line;
  • 10,143 people are behind me in line; and
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far.
Not sure how quickly the line will move, but hopefully within a month or so I'll be in.

Thanks blogland!


Alex said…
I guess I'm now a blog stalker too:-) (can you tell I've got nothing to do at work but read blogs and check email??)
But don't worry about the plant or ice cream...I've let ice cream sit out all night to have the cat eat it, and can guess the results.

and...I'm jealous of your ravelry spot:-P
Morticcia said…
Thanks! I'm in the same boat re: work and the web. Summer is my slow time.

As far as ravelry I thought I'd be somewhere nearer to you. What a different a couple of weeks make, huh?
Tracy said…
As far as the Ravelry progress is going, I think it's moving fairly quickly. At the end of last week, there were 380 people ahead of me, and now there are 110. It's coming soon!!