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Daytripping WIPs

Saturday the hubster and I took the ferry from New London, CT to Orient, NY (the north fork of LI) for a birthday luncheon. My grandmother turns 85 this year and my Aunt and Uncle put together a surprise lunch at a pub style restaurant in Riverhead, NY. As is my aspy way, I failed to mention to her that she looked great and not a day over 65. This is not hyperbole. We arrived at my Uncle's and she was fotzing around in the pool with her great grandson.

The ferry ride down was brisk. We sat on the upper deck and breathed deep the salty sea hair for approximately one and a half hours. It was all knitting, all the time. I worked on the Brights socks which I've decided to call Sweet Tarts.

The stitch markers are to keep track of the purl stitch decreases I'm making every six rows.

The evening ferry ride back is always colder so I took the opportunity to work on the Burgundy throw. I definitely made some headway into the final set of skeins. Unfortunately, all did not remain peaceful. What began as a beautiful evening ended quite badly when the mussels the hubster ate fought back. Poor hubby wound up leaving them (and bits of his stomach) in the parking lot of a Mobil gas station in southern Massachusetts. Sorry Mobil. :-/

A good night sleep and lots of sun on Sunday and all was right in the world. And yes, I did buy some yarn on LI. But that's for another day...


cdigman said…
So nice to hear you talk so fondly of your trip. It was great seeing you and the "hubster". I wish we had more time together, maybe if you come visit my parents this fall.

Grandma did look great, I haven't seen her in 3 years and I swear she looks even younger than before. Sorry to see the Mobil & Pub had a gruesome meeting :( Keep in touch! Love, Rachel
Morticcia said…
It was great seeing you, though we did had so little time to chat it up. It was a whirlwind.
Morticcia said…
We did *have* so little time...I don't write much. LOL