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Life post Harry Day 1

I finished the Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows last night and today, even after a good night's sleep, I'm exhausted. My brain is befuddled. I thought some knitting might help.

I bought some buttons for the Summer Set cardigan Friday. This morning I tried the cardigan on and decided it's long enough to begin the 2 x 2 ribbing trim. The problem? I don't have size 6 circulars. Big d'oh. I do have have a pair of 12" straights that I attempted to use this morning. Yeah? not really. :-P

I quickly realized it wasn't gonna work. Yet I'm in no shape to do anything about my lack of instruments.

I've also cast on the second Sweet Tarts sock after turning the heal of the first.

It dawned on me late last week I may be suffering from finishitis.