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Long Island adventures in yarn aka Yarn Porn!

Having a blog made it easier to tamp down the inner voice in my head that requires I take the path of least resistance, even if that means missing a yarn store in geographic location I have a) never been at; b) rarely been at; c) may never get a chance to go to again; and d) any combination of a, b, & c.

It would be easy to say I am lazy. That is what it looks like, but it isn't laziness, it's my aspyness. If I decide to go to point A to point B and am en route, any deviation will cause generalized anxiety. This engenders a physical and emotional uneasiness that is better left unfelt.

When I saw a brochure for a yarn store at the New London, CT ferry office on Saturday I took one but I truly believed it would wind up being thrown in the recycle bin with a deep sigh of acknowledgement of my 'limitations.'

Ten minutes later I was in a whole new place. Yes! I wanted to see the yarn store. Yes! There is absolutely no reason on earth we shouldn't stop at the lovely yarn store; it is technically on our route. And yes! it would give me something to blog about. Yeah, that's the ticket!!!! The Blog needs to be fed! If it was just for me, well who cares, but the BLOG MUST GO ON! brain is just freaky sometimes. F.R.E.A.K.Y.

Once all the mental gymnastics were over we did make a brief stop at Now and Zen Fiber Art Gallery in Greenport, NY on our way to my family's home in Peconic. I was a little too overstimulated to take it all in, so my nominal reportorial skills were even shabbier than usual. Just getting out of the car to visit was a breakthrough. I mean really, baby steps, baby steps.

The store has two sections, the front half being the fiber art gallery (I think?) of finished projects. I definitely saw dresses and crafty looking bags. The back half houses the yarn and notion merchandise.

The two women working in the store were really friendly and helpful. One of them, who we assumed was the proprietor, discussed with us why she had a swift attached to a chair so that the swift core was horizontal to the floor. She says she uses it this way to get centrifugal force to assist her in keeping an oversized skein on it during the winding process. Very cool tip.

I did get a new colorway of the Cherry Tree Hill superwash merino. Couldn't resist! The hubster picked this one out.

I also couldn't resist buying two of each size 0, 1, and 2 of the 16" bambo circular needles. These sizes are not sold in my area and would require internet or catalog purchasing, and since me ≠ long distance purchasing, I thought I'd splurge.

And lastly, even though I don't need another project on the needles, this superfragilisticispalidocious yarn had my name all over it! Plus I've been meaning to try out a Rowan yarn to see what all the buzz is about. Being so adept at this word thingy, let me just say Yum!


Anonymous said…
Morticcia said…
And I thought I was eloquent.

Darling, don't ever change.
deejay said…
Agreed; I would bite them next time! Seriously, some people have some nerve.