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A Pilgrim's Progress

Woo hoo! The folks behind Ravelry must have pulled an overnighter. I swear there were over 1,100 ahead of me just a day or so ago. My time is coming!

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The first draft of the Summer Set Cardigan:

As I've mentioned earlier, I pretty much made up the pattern on the fly. I have never knit a cardigan, nor did I know how to create a button band. I started with the knowledge of only the basic top down knitting template.

I was really obsessing over the button band while I knit up the body. I thought in fact that I would knit the bottom trim, button band, and neck band all in one go, on one needle. In hindsight that sounds foolish, but seriously that was my initial thought. Then I spent a moment looking at store bought cardigans and it was obvious what I needed to do. And as for the picking up of stitches for the button band, serendipity would have it that one of the bloggers I read, Etherknitter, mentioned button bands last week. I wound up actually inverting her advice, but her info gave me that eensy bit of confidence I needed to overcome my natural fear of attempting something new.

Although the shape of the button bands are satisfactory, where the buttons go, and how loosely they are attached, needs to be addressed. I centered them on the button band, but I think I need to offset them a bit to the right. Also, I didn't really sew the buttons on well. I don't have the proper needle and resorted to crude, partial measures just to get a semi-finished product to assess.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I'll fix the buttons, weave in the remaining ends and hopefully have it ready to wear next Monday for a pivotal meeting with HR. Hopefully.