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Summer Set Cardigan Sleeve Construction

A chronic problem I have with top down knitting construction is that to generate the roomy bosom I prefer I wind up with ginormous armholes. To adjust for this I am attempting what will amount to a form of shaping. On my first run, it seemed to fit and drape well. However, as mentioned in an earlier post, I knit up the remainder of the sleeve by purling in the round which led to a puckering from the much tighter gauge. I decided to frog the sleeve and begin again from scratch. Here is scratch:

I put the entire armhole on a circular needle. I placed four stitches from the back side of the armhole on one dpn and four stitches from the front side of the armhole on a second dpn.

I used a three needle bind off to knit them up and out of the armhole, in a manner of speaking. As you can see this leaves a lovely little hole.

Using a fly-by-your-pants darning technique, I closed up the hole and was ready to knit the remaining stitches into a nice sleeve.


Alex said…
How did you darn that so well (teach me!)?! I'm very impressed. No problem for the links!
Morticcia said…
Thanks so much. I'm blushing, I'm such a nerd!