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Earth Socks

After some bumpy choices, I am moving right along on my husbands Earth socks made in the Earth colorway of Cherry Tree Hill supersock 100% washable merino wool yarn.

I started off using size 2 needles on the 2 x 2 rib cuff for 15 rows but after knitting a few stockinette rows I decided to rip back to the cuff and began the knitting the leg of the sock in size 1 needles.

According to Cherry Tree Hill's colorway cards the Earth colorway I'm using on these socks, as well as the other colorways I've used this summer (Blue/Breens and Brights) are no longer being marketed and I guess this means they're no longer being made? Seems like a great loss to me. I loved these socks I made in the Blue/Green colorway


Your earth socks are lookin great! I love the way the colors are pooling.
Shannon said…
I love the earth socks. I bet your hubby will too. :)