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Knitting under fire

I was going to include the following in an 'everything PLUS the kitchen sink' post again, but I decided against it. This should stand alone.

I have a coworker, Mr. W, who isn't the nicest guy. I knew when his group moved in near my group and he became friendly with me that no matter how nice he seemed at first it wouldn't take long before we didn't like each other. I knew immediately that he's the type of guy where things go down in flames between people. The first clue, before I even spent any length of time conversing with him, was that he isn't all that friendly with his group members. The second clue was that like knows like. I'm the type of person who has relationships go down in flames, too. I'm an extreme personality, that's how I roll. Yet I wasn't going to be rude, I would let nature take its course. This time I would keep my guard up so that when the end came it would peter out as naturally and quietly as the friendship had grown.

In the past two weeks it has become obvious that it is time to wind down the friendship. And I share one of the reasons with you because it in involves knitting.

On Friday Mr W wanted to kill some time before the end of the day. I have learned that I represent someone useful to him for this purpose. So he sat down in my cube and pretended to care what I was doing for the weekend. I went along with the ruse and mentioned that I was going to relax all weekend and catch up on my knitting. His response was to discuss countless absurd ways in which we could unravel my knitting. All I could think was why can this man only relate to my favored hobby by finding ways to destroy it?

I sat there mulling this while he cited one bizarre demise after another for my knitting. One example was to attach one end of my knitting to a space shuttle as it takes off. I tried to tell him that the knitted item would burn before it could unravel, considering he wanted to attach it to where the blast off flames blare out, but he was on a roll and barely heard a word I said.

Eventually I asked him point blank why it was that he could only discuss my knitting in terms of destroying it. He really couldn't answer that and the remainder of the conversation devolved into petty little disagreements which drove him from my cube.

Anyone have a horror story of their own in how people respond to their knitting?