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Everything, including the kitchen sink...

When I asked the hubster to model the steely winter set for me, not only was he a good doobie about it, he reminded me that he should model it with the aran sweater I made him. So sickly sweet, eh?

I'm plugging along on my sweet tarts socks. One sock is done (sans kitchener), and only about 30 rows remain to be knit on the second.

I also did get a half an hour this weekend to work on my burgandy throw. It was so deliciously cool on Saturday, it was a comfort to have it on my lap. (Might I add that I can't seem to get down the spelling, is it burgundy or burgandy? Isn't burgandy a place and burgundy a color? I'm too lazy to google it!)

To make an honest caption out of this post, let me add that yesterday Dunkin' Donuts rudely put caffeine in my coffee, regardless of a clearly stated request to the contrary. I was still pretty amped up, even after partaking of some pharmaceutical relief at 8:45 pm, though the last sip I took was before 4:30 pm! Notwithstanding this valiant effort (and the great risk it subsequently posed to my yarn stash - keep reading!) I didn't fall asleep until well after 1:00 am.

In case you haven't heard certain types of pharmaceutical relief make people do some crazy, crazy stuff. I try to tell the hubster whenever I take it so that he knows to watch that I don't do something out of the ordinary. Well, around 10 minutes after ingestion I got it into my head to whip out the old (read: brand new) yarn swift and ball winder and make Cherry Hill Tree cakes out of the hank of Earth colorway I purchased on Long Island in June. Pitiful aren't they:


Shannon said…
Hahahaha, Dunkin Donuts has pulled this on me as well. Caffeine gives me horrible headaches, and I get completely jittery.

Your socks are looking fabulous. I cannot wait to seem them when they are all done.
Morticcia said…
Is it wrong that I feel impelled to file legislation to fine them when they do this. Bah!