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Do you smell anything?

I always knew I was full of shitola. Always.

Yes, right there are 13 skeins of Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran in the Empire colorway. The other two skeins are in my knitting basket, as I've already started tampering with them. I just couldn't help myself. And let me add, that's just the tip of my hypocrisy. The tip. I bought three different types of sock yarn. Three.

In my defense I lugged up the entire stash and have put in motion a method of getting rid of the stuff I know I'll never use. The rest I'm going to photograph for Ravelry so that I'll never forget what I have.


Linda said…
Oooh, that is so pretty. I love that yarn too, I made a sweater out of it a couple of years ago. Hmm, I might need to get some more!
Shannon said…
What a lovely score. I am trying to stick to my yarn diet, but seeing this great color I am losing my restraint.