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Done done done done done done done done done!

Ahem. These. Are. Done. Did you get that? Done.

As you can plainly see the toes are green. By Friday night, even without the help of the new scale I could tell I was completely wrong in my assessment that I'd have enough yarn to finish off the socks. And hubby unwittingly came to the rescue yesterday morning when he suggested a road trip to help ease us out of last week. Quicker than one could say boo, I was thinking Patternworks!

It was perfect weather for a drive through New Hampshire and perfect timing because I desperately needed some fingering weight sock yarn to complete hubby's socks. And complete hubby's socks was my mission for this weekend. Patternworks did not disappoint and I was so proud of myself to leave with only having spent $60, $10 of which was spent on a sweater rack, so it doesn't count, right?

I had really hoped to buy some Koigu as I have yet to work with this yarn but their selection of greens didn't work for me so I settled for something that really isn't second best at all, some Dalegarn Baby Ull, which I absolutely adore working with. It was a perfect shade and a decent match to the Cherry Tree Hill yarn of the sock.

Last night my suspicions were confirmed when I could weigh the yarn - I'd only have enough for one toe. Too bad, so sad. I finished up with the Dalegarn and did not look back. Well, not exactly. I do feel a bit of failure for not being a perfectionist with these socks, but the fact that they're done is a success in itself. It is. I'll take that and move on up and out.

I'd like to mention one milestones in my knitting career which occurred this summer. These Earth socks were the second pair of socks I finished with the kitchener stitch wherein I did not need to break out the instructions. I finally have it down. That's not to say I wasn't backing tracking (thrice!) last night at 2:00 am as I struggled with a self-imposed deadline of finishing them before I went to bed. Yet I could back track and fix my mistakes no problem. For that I am proud.

Now I've come across a great deal of animosity in the blogoshpere towards what some call the "bitchener" stitch, but I actually like it. I can't be alone, but I haven't yet seen anyone wax poetic over it, and the influx of toe up socks in the blogs I read lead me to believe that anything to escape kitchenering at the end is preferred. But for me, I sure as heck like it 200% more than I like weaving in ends. That I loath. Unfortunately there's no cure in knitting for that. Yet.


Linda said…
Very handsome socks - I love the green toe. I don't mind kitchenering either, but I always have to look up the directions. Like you, I'm not crazy about weaving in ends though.